Thursday, October 2, 2008

An appeal from the Diocese of Northern Malawi...

We learned Wednesday of a financial emergency in our companion diocese of Northern Malawi. The balance in the diocesan bank account is just $50, with over $17,000 in immediate obligations, including a payroll.

Malawi is the third-poorest nation in the world, yet the people there have optimism, intellectual curiosity, and a gift for welcoming the stranger. While they struggle to live, their faith is radiant. The Church faces enormous challenges to feed and educate, promote physical health and make disciples. In addition to its cathedral and churches, the diocese runs schools and hospitals. There are programs in adult literacy and sustainable agriculture– to name but two. There are never enough priests; some have five or more congregations in their care. Together with the other Anglican dioceses in Malawi, the diocese runs the Zomba Theological College, where it has six students currently enrolled. Most of these programs would cease to exist without the generous help of Christian friends in the U.S. and England. Lately, regular sustaining funds have been slower in coming.

The United States is experiencing tough economic times, yet, as these pictures show, we lead lives of princely abundance compared to our brothers and sisters in Malawi. Our World Mission Committee asks you to say a prayer for these dear ones, and consider what you, your vestry, outreach fund, or congregation may be able to give in this time of need.

From your friends in Malawi – Zikomo! (Thank you!)

Suzanne Gill
Director of Communications

If you can contribute, please contact the diocesan office at 817-244-2885.

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